Electronic media advertising


Starting with the print media to the electronic media its journey has been great and worth applause. With nowadays new mediums of advertising, electronic media has created its own platform where every company or individual wants to advertise its product in order to earn the name and fame.

TV, which has become the member of the household, is one of the best examples of electronic media. In every phase of the day it’s ‘messing’ with us. Whether one is watching daily movies, soaps operas, news, football commentaries or whatsoever, advertisements are everywhere. Whether we wish to see them or not, they come into our lives either way.

electronic media advertising

What’s more surprising is that electronic media has even occupied even our free time. What are our entertainment sources now? Radio, TV and internet, of course. What do we find on Facebook apart from our friends? Advertisements. Ikea, eBay, Zara, Amazon and the list goes on. This enormous number of names hit the charts on internet surfing survey. When we visit other websites we always have advertisements ‘chasing’ us.

Interactive media advertising

Interactive advertising is a type of media-based marketing that companies and product manufacturers use to promote products and services. A company targets consumers from the webpages they visit from PCs, smartphones and other mobile devices. Businesses use interactive advertising to build brand awareness and connect with consumers where they spend the most time searching for products and services.

Here are some examples of interactive media advertising:

IBM Ad Changes Color To Match Your Outfit. The billboard is part of IBM’s Smarter Planet initiative, an effort to make worldwide systems more efficient by using technology. This billboard, using sensors and LEDs to dynamically update its color, makes viewers consider how technology could improve supply chain systems and retail experiences today.

Disney. Disney highlights its technology-driven stores. There are interactive mirrors and user-driven content. In order to make them work kids have to take a product and wave it in front of this magical mirror and see a fairy tale related to it appears in the mirror.


  1. Veronique N. 23/08/2013 at 03:33:44 Responder

    I was recently in a Disney store and I enjoyed as hell those mirrors, and I’m 24 :D

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