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  • carmen
  • 29 Sep 2012
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DIY website builders are useful tools for people without any programming knowledge (like PHP and jQuery) and companies with a limited budget that want to be present on mobile phones. Currently, there are many hosting providers that also include a website builder, which also offers creating mobile websites. This complements the service and allows users to have everything they need to publish their website, from buying domains names to choosing design templates. The main advantages of these builders are straightforwardness and speed with which you can create a website with a wide range of designs and seamless code management. In addition, the most advantageous thing is that most of them are cloud-based tools so you do not have to download and download any software and there usually is a free version.

mobile websites

When choosing a website builder there are many factors that can influence your decision. First, they should be based on a cloud-computing, as we have mentioned. This will allow us to edit our projects anytime and anyplace have the software available with the latest update. It is also recommended to make a preliminary analysis of our needs and requirements to choose the most appropriate builder: the type of URLs the builder creates, the number of pages that we can create in every website, the amount of available storage, the bandwidth allowed, the type of available galleries , e-commerce integration, payment methods, integrated security methods, RSS, etc.

Below, we show some examples of the best mobile website builders. All of them have several advantages and some weaknesses, but it depends on the point of view from which you analyze them and what are your needs and expectations.


templates mobdis

They have several plans with different features. They offer a basic plan to create websites. It includes only one page, landing pages; a plan to create mobile websites with many pages, and other that includes the ability to export mobile websites to mobile applications. Prices vary from $8 per month to $350 per account/year. There is not a free version.

They offer professional templates for business mobile websites, the ability to develop mobile marketing leads, designs with galleries, integrated videos and 3D models and the possibility to export mobile websites to iOS or Android apps.


canvas mobile website builder

This company offers a mobile website builder based on HTML5. Its editor is quite simple and allows to create a mobile website through several widgets. But they also have a service where you can hire their team to create your mobile website from scratch. Their prices vary depending on the plan and the services you contract (from £15 to £189). There is a free pack available.


This provider offers several packs with different prices (from $156 to $975 per year; free version available) and features. The editor allows to preview your mobile website at the same time you are editing it on a mobile screen simulator. Their templates have a great design and most of them are adapted to any needs.



This company allows you to build your own mobile website (from $7.95/month) and the possibility to hire developers to create your mobile website (from $650 starter account). There is not a free version of this mobile website builder. Designs are adequate and their features are quite interesting for mobile marketing strategies (m-commerce and mobile advertising).


templates onbile

Onbile offers a free version of its mobile website builder and a professional plan from $10 a month per site (discounts for yearly contracts are available). It offers several high quality design templates adapted to any mobile device. Also, it also offers mobile marketing features (templates, mobile forms, Google Analytics integration, etc.). Its platform is based on cloud-computing system.

Onbile has also recently launched its e-commerce feature, which allows users to buy using their mobile devices. Its easy-to-use editor allows you to create a shop from where to sell your products, and to receive secure PayPal payments.

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  1. Annette 10/05/2012 at 05:04:06 Responder

    Hi Mary,

    Thanks for the mention. We enable mobile design by exposing an easy CSS capability. This means designers can go as far as they wish to create a really special design! We want to offer “Custom” mobile for a low price. However we recognize many in the industry provide templates – which in our way of thinking, does help non-technical users – but really ties the hands of the designer! We will be launching Templates very soon!! Thanks.

  2. Carol 15/05/2012 at 02:47:14 Responder

    I tried MobisiteGalore and it was right! thanks anyway for your list.

  3. Sonya 15/05/2012 at 02:52:39 Responder

    Mofuse offers many different services to develop marketing strategies focused to mobile devices but design templates are not so good.

  4. Cristina Fuentes 23/05/2012 at 06:16:32 Responder

    Does Onbile offer a professional plan from $10/month per site??? amazing!

  5. Irene Agency Toys 29/05/2012 at 03:42:27 Responder

    The internet world is constantly evolving and especially the new trend of navigation on mobile devices. This post is a wonderful way to keep up with this theme. Thank you very much for your articles, specially for this collections of mobile website builders.

    • Mary C. 30/05/2012 at 00:11:33 Responder

      Thank you for your comment. I agree with you regarding to the fast evolution of Internet trends. Now we have to consider the new web as a mobile web adapte to any devices. That’s the clue!

  6. Mary C. 07/06/2012 at 02:35:31 Responder

    Hi there!

    We are very glad to present you our own Reseller Plan for agencies and developers. Check it out at the Reseller’s section.

    Best regards

    • Sofia Paus 14/06/2012 at 01:18:56 Responder

      What are the main adavantages for becoming an Onbile’s reseller?

  7. grand t. 27/06/2012 at 13:25:18 Responder

    great article Mary C.
    We’re looking forward to great success on the mobile web and your article has given us additional information to other mobile site builders that are out there.

    • Mary C. 29/06/2012 at 01:03:18 Responder

      You’re wellcome! Mobile sites have many market opportunities particularly in the design of mobile marketing strategies. There are many good tools on the market, a good idea is compare them and choose the one that best suits you.

  8. Anastasia 29/06/2012 at 01:03:05 Responder

    This is very useful, I’m searching for the right service for my business website. I didn’t know some of these services, now I have more to compare and choose from. Thank you!

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  10. Prodyot 12/07/2012 at 22:41:10 Responder

    Dear Mary
    A very balanced and very helpful write-up too.
    Thanks for sharing it.

    • Mary C. 13/07/2012 at 01:45:17 Responder

      Yor’re wellcome Prodyot! I’m very happy to provide useful info for you.

      • rahul 31/08/2013 at 23:06:16 Responder

        How to use my web designing skills in mobile technoloys

  11. Julien 05/09/2012 at 20:49:19 Responder

    Hi Mary
    Any offline software you may be aware of that can generate a mobile site from an existing one?
    Thank you

    • Irene N. 06/09/2012 at 00:22:43 Responder

      Hi Julien, I think online apps are better for that kind of task as they are constantly updates and you can always get the last version without having to download anything.

      • Joe 19/09/2012 at 19:53:18 Responder

        Most of the times Website owners don’t get time to do changes every day. They update their Websites 2 or 3 times per year. I’ve been a Webmaster for 10 years, so I know what I’m talking about…no offence. So I’m not agreeing with the idea that your mobile Website builder software should be cloud based.

        I’m been using Management-Ware Webelement for 3 months. I can create a mobile Website on less than 2 hours without writing a single html code. I paid the license 1 time and there is no monthly. I save time and money.

        • Irene N. 19/09/2012 at 23:32:35 Responder

          Hi Joe. No offence taken :)

          With a cloud based system, you’ve got the advantage of not having to download anything. And the hosting is provided by us too, which is something you’d still have to pay even if you just paid one time for your desktop solution. I guess is a matter of what you are looking for.

          Let’s say you are building a website for a specific event, like a party. Wouldn’t it be better in that case to build a cloud based website and pay for the minimum amount of time, than buying the whole desktop solution and never use it again? Everything depends on the objective of each site. It’s great to have choices!

  12. Just4thasake 24/09/2012 at 00:54:43 Responder

    Very interesting post, I’ll be sure to bear it in mind if I ever need to build a website. Thankyou

  13. mobility software 21/10/2012 at 23:02:25 Responder

    Such a nice information,
    We can build the website without the knowledge of programming language.
    Thanks for sharing this information.

  14. Maureen 22/11/2012 at 03:33:20 Responder

    This is very useful! Creating a website via mobile phone seem a lot easier. One does not need to be an expert to build one.

  15. Dana Hall 13/12/2012 at 03:50:28 Responder

    Thank you very much for the information you wrote a very readable article. Congratulations.

  16. dmc 07/01/2013 at 13:47:46 Responder

    I would recommend to design mobile sites easily and without programming!

  17. MrGoodDeeeds 26/01/2013 at 08:35:42 Responder

    The best software indeed

  18. Just Bill 08/03/2013 at 00:54:19 Responder

    I used to use WAPPLE, but I used your Onbile converter last.

  19. Justin 26/03/2013 at 14:47:49 Responder

    Nice review. By the way it would be nice to get some more detailed review of mobile site builders oriented to individuals, not businesses. Usually such builders are free for users (supported by ads) and has much more features in comparison with professional ones. But their external design is not so nice, etc. For example Wapka, or Xtgem. Or finaly – one of the best free mobile site builders with tons of social features like chat, forum, dating etc.

  20. Thelma Harris 23/04/2013 at 23:44:18 Responder

    These are certainly very good mobile website builders.

  21. Luke Milden 23/04/2013 at 23:56:17 Responder

    your mobile creator was very good. Congratulations.

  22. Mobdis |, el 23/05/2013 a las 15:38:55

    […] […]

  23. Aloysius 11/06/2013 at 02:37:16 Responder

    Hi MAry

    Great article, thank. I use Artisteer to design website but I’m looking for software for mobile sites. I don’t like the monthly plans as I want to create a site and charge clients once off and install it as a sub-domain for the clients. Any advice? I had a look at web element, choco templates, and more but I’m looking for something easy like artisteer. Thanks

    • Helena 11/06/2013 at 02:59:47 Responder

      Hi Aloysius,
      We have very easy to use templates that you can customize, and I think our yearly plans may be just what you’re looking for. You may also be interested on becoming a reseller, so I’ll have our team send you more information about it.

  24. Esmé 01/08/2013 at 01:52:47 Responder

    Mofuse and Onbile seem like the best and inexpensive options on your list ; )

  25. Daiki E. 21/08/2013 at 04:03:45 Responder

    Your website and Mobdis’ have the best web design. Way to go!

  26. rahul 31/08/2013 at 23:03:17 Responder

    Great article, thank.

  27. Etta Y. 05/09/2013 at 07:23:33 Responder

    I like Onbile’s and Mobdis’ templates best ;)

  28. Kaylee U. 09/09/2013 at 07:19:25 Responder

    Thanks for the tools! Got to choose wisely.

  29. Tristan S. 18/10/2013 at 07:37:36 Responder

    You got wrong Wapple’s URL. The one you have is about mobile marketing solutions. This is the one you need:

  30. Lex P. 05/11/2013 at 07:10:35 Responder

    Your templates are the best! The other are quite.. lame.

  31. bharathi.b 17/04/2014 at 00:20:28 Responder

    thanks for your valuable posting, it was very informative i am working in Erp in Chennai

  32. Tatiana 04/06/2014 at 09:02:41 Responder

    Great ton of information! Just what I was looking for!!!
    Thanks a lot!!!

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  34. dean 25/12/2014 at 13:09:54 Responder

    IMO the best deal is and pay the site for life for $159. No monthly fees or hidden fees and the editor which is drag and drop is a pleasure use. It’s WYSIWYG. Very user friendly. And no I don’t work for them or have any affiliation.

    I tried the free version but you get this big dudamobile ad at the top and bottom so I wanted my site professionally done and decided it was worth paying the site-for-life fee.

    I’ll break even in about two years compared to paying about $7-10 on the monthly fee rates and of course be ahead for years to come.

    I even think I can change the URL in case I decided to dump my current website and change to a new one.

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